Holiday Crafts for Young Children

Holiday Crafts for Young Children

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The holiday season is upon us, and the festive imagery and colors of this time of year make for some fun craft ideas for young children. Create some lasting memories with your child by making these four holiday-themed crafts together.

Hanukkah Menorah Shape Collage

Creating this paper Hanukkah menorah can help your child develop math skills such as shape creation and recognition, and counting. What’s more your child can “light” each candle over the holiday and feel involved.

Find instructions for creating the Hanukkah Menorah Shape Collage here.

Paper Snowflakes

Creating paper snowflakes is a classic holiday craft that children and adults alike can have fun with. Your child can either cut out patterns on their own with safety scissors, or decorate the paper before you cut it into a snowflake shape.

Find ideas for paper snowflakes here.

Fake Snow

In a warmer climate, you can still enjoy holiday snow with this fun hands-on project. Your child can have fun exploring the different textures of the fake snow, and parents will enjoy that this craft only needs two ingredients to create.

Get instructions for making fake snow here.

Yarn Window Ornaments

With these colorful window ornaments, your child can express their creativity and develop their fine motor skills. For this fun and easy craft, you’ll only need cardboard, scissors, and yarn in your child’s favorite colors.

Find out how to make yarn-wrapped window ornaments here.

Need to buy items for these holiday crafts? Check out one of these craft stores in the Katy area:

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