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STEAM, Learning & Experiences

Your child’s curiosity – a whole world of new ideas!

At My Place, we pride ourselves on our well-rounded curriculum. We love seeing a child’s natural curiosity and interests unlock doors to lifelong learning. We make STEAM programs a key part of our education, integrating science, technology, engineering, art, and math in fun and engaging ways.



The concepts attached to science, technology, engineering, art, and math surround children every day. Whether it’s building with blocks, playing counting games, painting a picture of their favorite animal, children are naturally drawn to STEAM activities. Whether or not a child goes on to pursue a career in a STEAM-related field, the benefits in early childhood are numerous. STEAM activities teach intentionality, problem-solving, critical thinking, reasoning, collaboration, cause and effect, and trial and error. Children learn that their own natural curiosity can lead to even more interesting ideas to explore.

According to research, there is a positive correlation between early experiences with STEAM concepts and future academic success. By teaching STEAM concepts at an early age in an engaging way, children will more naturally integrate its skills into future learning.

Head Start Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center identifies these further benefits of STEAM education:

  • Early play with math ideas and concepts lay the foundation for the development of more complex math and science skills later on.
  • When children are interested in an outcome, they create theories that they test and modify all on their own.
  • When children direct their own exploration, they are also exercising other skills, like focusing their attention, motivation, decision making, planning their behavior, and problem solving.
  • Children track cause-and-effect relationships, using this data to form theories.

At My Place, we provide materials and opportunities for children to investigate their ideas, and join them as a partner in this process. We make STEAM learning part of our everyday curriculum, and our children love it!

Examples of STEAM Activities at My Place

At My Place, we provide fun and age-appropriate opportunities for students to learn about STEAM. Here are some examples of STEAM activities that can be found in our curriculum:

  • Sensory tables and bins
  • Basic coding games and activities
  • Building with blocks, bricks, and other materials
  • Counting through games and songs
  • Basic arithmetic games
  • Activities with shapes and figures
  • Group and individual arts and crafts projects
  • Hands-on science experiments


KISD Curriculum Preparedness

Katy Independent School District, also known as KISD, has an exemplary scholastic reputation nationwide. At My Place, we prepare our students for their future education with core curriculum and programming. Our educational programs are built from the KISD core curriculum. This means our students can transition into a very familiar environment with the right skills for success.

Our accredited curriculum includes:

  • Personal Attention
    Bench-marking and progress reports
  • Team Projects
    Working as a team to accomplish a goal
  • Stations
    Various subjects and hands-on activities
  • Interactive Learning
    Moving our bodies while we learn
  • Technology
    Learning on computers/tablets for familiarity
  • Language
    Learning Spanish language
  • Guest Educators
    Experts like veterinarians, scientists, musicians, etc.
  • Experiential learning
    Field trips and off-campus activities

My Place’s mission is to provide a well-rounded learning experience that translates into success in KISD and beyond. In addition to utilizing the KISD core curriculum, our STEAM-focused early childhood program educates, teaches tools for discovery, fosters a love of learning, and prepares students for later KISD programs. Kids love our wide variety of fun experiences, lessons, and activities, and they carry these skills to their future education.

The Importance of Enhanced and Tailored Learning

At My Place, we know that people learn in different ways. Some learn best by what they hear, others pick up on concepts better when they’re presented visually, while others retain information better when they are can experience the lesson hands-on. Tailoring our education to each child’s learning style is a major factor in our programs’ success. Not only do we play to each of our students’ current learning strengths, we also help them develop other styles so they can get information in several ways.

Why do we do this? When a student can retain information in a variety of settings, taught a variety of ways, they can learn to adapt and become flexible with their education. Learning how to build on their strengths while developing other skills gives them a long-term advantage in school and in life.

Well-Rounded and Relevant Education

At My Place, our well-rounded education appeals to all types of learners. Not only does this introduce children to a wide variety of educational experiences, it also helps them develop a love of learning to last them for the rest of their lives. Our STEAM activities build critical skills for twenty-first century life and education, while building your child’s curiosity, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills. Your child will love the world of ideas they can investigate at My Place!


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