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My Place Principles



STEM, Learning & Experiences

KISD is known nationwide for its exemplary scholastic resources. Our goal is to prepare our students for the challenging road ahead with core curriculum and programming that make the transition easy. We utilize an accredited curriculum to maximize learning.

This includes:

  • Personal Attention
    Bench-marking and Progress reports
  • Team Projects
    Working as a team to accomplish a goal
  • Stations
    Various subjects and hands-on activities
  • Interactive Learning
    Moving our bodies while we learn
  • Technology
    Learning on computers/tablets
    for familiarity
  • Language
    Learning Spanish language
  • Guest Educators
    Experts like Veterinarians, Scientists, Musicians, etc.
  • Experiential learning
    Field trips and off-campus activities

Our educational programming is built from the KISD core curriculum which allows our students to transition into very familiar formatting with the right skills for success.

When it comes to education, our mission is to provide a well-rounded experience that translates into success in KISD and beyond. In addition to utilizing the KISD core-curriculum, our program is designed to not only educate and acclimate to formatting, but also install both the tools for discovery and a love of learning. We do this with a wide variety of experiences, lesson plans and activities that engage the child and inspire curiosity.

Individuals learn in different ways, some learn best by what they hear (auditorial), others pick-up on concepts better when they are presented visually, while there are those that have the strongest retention when they are able to touch/experience the lesson (hands-on). Not only do we want to play to each of our student’s current learning strengths, we want to also develop others so they can attain information in a number of ways.

Being able to retain information in a traditional classroom setting and “in the field”, group activities or solo studying and when presented information in different forms (like hearing a story, reading a story or watching a video), will allow the student to adapt to a number of different situations and become flexible when it comes to their education. Leaning-into their core strength while developing their weaker tools has longterm value in and out of the educational system.

When students are exposed to only one manner of education, it may be to their direct advantage or put them at a disadvantage if it’s not how they process information. We not only risk limiting the potential achievement of many students, we can break the spirits of those that struggle learning in this particular way. By creating a wide array of educational experiences that appeal to all types of “learners”, we can create better engagement from all and trigger more interest in the lesson plans.

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