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Enrollment is Now Open.
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Physical Activity

Our Focus on Safety

We believe that healthy bodies promote a positive learning experience.

Children love to be active, and we know it's also a great way to learn. With our fun and educational physical activities, your child will have a great time staying healthy!

  • Playgrounds

    We provide covered playgrounds that are safe and maintained to the highest standard so that our children can enjoy their recess time.

  • Sports

    We teach a wide variety of fun sports like soccer and basketball! We also bring in preschool friendly sports recreation leagues so your child can learn the format and have a blast!

  • Active Learning

    Our class lessons constantly get our students physically involved with standing, walking, and interacting which is great for the body and engagement in the lessons.

  • Interactive Gym

    Our interactive gym is an immersive experience where children can play in the comfort of the indoors. We start early!

  • Field Trips

    Many of our field trip excursions require walking, hiking, or other physical activity which is great for exercise and new experiences.

  • Splash Days

    Splash Days are a fantastic way to encourage our children to interact outdoors and stay cool in the Houston heat!