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5 - 6 years

Our Bridge Program was developed for “redshirted” children who qualify for Kindergarten, but would be the youngest and potentially not ready for the format. Many kids miss the cut off to go to kindergarten but are mature enough to benefit from a more structured learning environment. Children who turn 5 between September 2nd and December 31st are eligible for our Bridge program.

What is “Redshirting”?

The name “redshirting” comes from college sports. It was a term used for the practice of letting students sit out their first year to improve their skills and extend their eligibility, without affecting their athletic scholarships. It is now also used in an academic context, when parents or guardians decide to hold their child back from kindergarten by one year. Depending on your child’s age, redshirting could make your child one of the oldest in their class instead of one of the youngest.

This practice gained popularity after 2008, when author Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, shared research showed that, comparing children in the same grade, the older children performed better academically. Gladwell’s book suggested that a person’s age relative to their peers could be a predictor of their success, and that older children had a greater chance of succeeding academically, emotionally, and athletically.

What Are the Benefits of Redshirting?

According to Elizabeth Dhuey, an economist who specializes in early childhood development, older children tend to see better performance in test scores, developmental milestones, and personality traits.

Redshirting can have other benefits, including:

  • Improved self-regulation and behavior
  • Reduced chance of being held back a grade later on
  • Increased maturity
  • More developed social skills
  • More time learning through play

By giving your child a little more time, they are allowed to mature without the pressure of performance. In doing so, learning is more fun, and this can lead to increased engagement.

My Place’s Bridge Program for Redshirted Children

Our Bridge program curriculum mirrors KISD, the Katy Independent School District. Here are some examples of what students learn in the Bridge program:

Science & Discovery

  • Sensory table
  • Science center
  • Experiments

Speaking & Language

  • Songs and finger puppets
  • Social emotional focus
  • Small and large group instructors


  • Numbers and counting to 120
  • Graphing and charting
  • ABC mouse

Arts & Crafts

  • Art center
  • Special projects
  • Themed art

Reading & Writing

  • Family engagement
  • Reading and listening
  • Journaling
  • 100 side words
  • ABC mouse

Physical Education

  • Music and movement
  • Gross motor activities

Field Trips

  • After graduation, Bridge students can join the summer camp with school-age children

Should I Redshirt My Child?

My Place Early Learning Center offers a positive environment that nurtures the importance of learning as your child steps up to the next level of education. Rest assured that our teachers will help your child develop their best and unique potential. Contact us today to learn more about redshirting and our Bridge program!

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