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Enrollment is Now Open.
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Bridge Program


Classroom: Pre-Kindergarten/Bridge

Our Focus on Safety

Our Bridge Program was developed for "Red-Shirted" children who qualify for Kindergarten, but would be the youngest and potentially not ready for the format. By giving your child a little more time, they are allowed to mature without the pressure of performance. In doing so, learning is more fun which engenders increased engagement. The program curriculum mirrors local ISD and prepares the student for:

  • ​Science & Discovery
  • Speaking & Language
  • Core Mathematics
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Reading & Writing
  • Physical Education
  • Field Trips

My Place Early Learning Center offers a positive environment that nurtures the importance of learning as your child steps up to the next level of education. Rest assured that our teachers will help your child develop their best and unique potentials.

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