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Enrollment is Now Open.
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Safety and Security

Our Focus on Safety

Our highest priority is the safety of our children.

Our facilities are highly secure with 24/7 cameras, key code door access, biometric technology (fingerprint identity check-in/check-out) and a campus security guard.

  • Campus Security

    The physical security of our building allows My Place to both restrict and monitor access to our campus.

  • Biometric Identification

    Require a biometrical identification (fingerprint scan) in order to check any child out.

  • Strict Check-Out Enforcement

    Not only do we have the latest policies and solutions for check-out, we are vigilant in enforcing our child check-outs. All visitors must provide identification and require a chaperone at all times!

  • Pick-up Services

    We provide safe, reliable transportation service for our schoolers. Our buses are inspected regularly and drivers monitored for safe driving standards.

  • 24/7 Video Surveillance

    We believe that video monitoring not only provides a deterrent for criminal behavior, but allows us to audit any unusual activity.

  • Classroom Monitoring

    All classrooms are monitored to ensure all teachers are providing the highest level of concern for the safety of our students.

  • Employee Safety

    Policies are only as strong as those that enforce them, which is why we perform background checks and random drug screening on our employees. We also provide annual training for safety policy. We also require uniforms to ensure all staff are identifiable.