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My Place Principles



Nutrition, Exercise & Safety

We define wellness as both physical & emotional health.
This includes:

  • Physical Wellness
    Physically active
  • Nutrition
    Healthy eating and understanding  "good for you foods"
  • Security, Safety & Privacy of our Students

Eating habits and enjoying physically-demanding activities is a learned behavior that pays dividends and enables the success of the three other core components of our program. We define wellness as being physically healthy. No well-rounded experience can be had without our bodies first being well. It enables us for all the great educational experiences in and outside of the classroom.

Nutrition is not only serving quality foods, but also educating on which foods have nutritional value and which do not. Exercise is not only moving our bodies, but educating the students on why it’s important. Safety is not only keeping our facilities secure, but also teaching skills to be safe outside of the classroom.

No safety program is complete without preparing our students for life outside of the classroom. We teach safety procedures on topics which range from talking with strangers and who we can trust, to how to report any uncomfortable situation. We also promote memorizing our parents’ full names, addresses and other contact information can be helpful in an emergency situation.
Wellness programming also includes education about germs, cleaning our hands, and preventing illness.

The single biggest killer in the United States is Ischaemic heart disease and stroke, accounting for a combined 15.2 million deaths in 2016. We can prevent high blood pressure and childhood obesity and drastically reduce this concern by installing these core principles at an early age. We don’t want our students to just understand the importance of wellness, we want them to enthusiastically embrace it! This will provide the proper framework for a healthy life beyond the classroom.

The impact of not having energy, focus and healthy bodies to enjoy our educational experiences can influence our overall preparedness for KISD. An unhealthy body will make creating a healthy mind difficult. Also, by not having safety skills, children are more at-risk for exposure for life-changing situations that could have negative effects. Understanding how the health of our bodies influences the overall quality of our experiences is a lesson we believe should be taught early on before poor habits are formed and perpetuated.

Together, these four core focuses of our program consistently produce PREPARED KIDS. Being deficient in any one can create an imbalance that produces anxiety for both the student and parents. We believe that installing these behaviors early in a student’s scholastic journey produces long-term dividends and belief systems that translate directly into their careers and personal lives.

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