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  • How can I learn more about your schools, including your tuition rates?
    There are several ways to learn more about My Place. Phone: We are always just a phone call away! Cinco Ranch: 281-305-9300 Woodcreek: 281-305-8000 Website: Ask us anything on our website and we respond within 24 hours! Visit Us: The best way to learn all that My Place has to offer is to come in for a tour! Call to schedule: Cinco Ranch: 281-305-9300 Woodcreek: 281-305-8000
  • I'm ready to enroll. What should I do?
    Stop by the location you’re ready to enroll into and ask for an enrollment form. Please bring a photo ID and have your child’s information available (e.g. immunization records).
  • How many children are in a class?
    In our infant and toddler rooms, we generally have a teacher with an assistant teacher and between five and eight children. Our preschool classes will also generally have a lead and an assistant teacher (although frequently we have two teachers who co-lead) and between 10 and 20 children. These ratios change based on time of year. We always abide by state regulations as it pertains to teacher/student ratios.
  • Can I visit my child during the day?
    Absolutely, yes, you may visit your child at any time. We ask to avoid coming during nap times if possible to keep disruption of the other children to a minimum, but you do not need to call ahead to visit your child.

  • What is your policy in terms of disciplining children?
    The goal of discipline is to help children to develop self-control; therefore, it is necessary for children to understand rules, the reasons for them, and the consequences of their own actions. Preventing problems is essential to good discipline. The following techniques are used to establish discipline at My Place Early Learning Center: Distracting children from potential problems Reminding children of the rules Helping children to solve problems and to make choices Allowing children to take time away from the group to regain control Ignoring inappropriate behavior Noticing and reinforcing appropriate behavior Helping children to articulate their feelings Helping children to understand the consequences of their actions We do not use abusive, neglectful, corporal, humiliating or frightening punishment under any circumstances. Children are not physically restrained in any manner, unless it is necessary to protect the health and safety of the child or others. We may remove a child from a situation and redirect them to more appropriate behavior; however, we do not practice “time out” as we believe isolation of a child is inappropriate and harsh at any time. Parents are provided with updates regarding behavior if necessary.
  • Do you celebrate holidays?
    The following is a list of holidays that we generally do celebrate or acknowledge: New Year’s Day Martin Luther King Day Valentine’s Day ( We do a party) Presidents’ Day St. Patrick’s Day First Day of Spring (We do not acknowledge) May Day (We do not acknowledge) Summer Solstice (We do not acknowledge) 4th of July First Day of Fall (We do not acknowledge) Halloween (Fall festival) Thanksgiving (feast) Winter Solstice (We do not acknowledge) Mother’s Day Father’s Day Christmas Party The following are days My Place is closed: Also closed: New year’s eve Christmas Eve New Year’s Day Good Friday Memorial Day 4th of July Labor Day Columbus Day Thanksgiving Day and the day after Christmas Day Additional closings may occur depending upon which days of the week that Christmas and New Year’s fall. Please view our Calendar or Facebook page to see specific dates the center is closed.
  • What is your policy regarding illness?
    Unfortunately, we cannot provide services to children with any of the following symptoms: temperature of 101 or higher, conjunctivitis (pink-eye), strep throat, head lice, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes of unknown origin, or the presence of a contagious disease. Temp of 100.4 

A child will be sent home if any of the above symptoms are seen during the day. It is expected that if a child leaves My Place after 12:00 noon, he/she will remain home the full next day to assure complete recovery. Our primary concern has to be the wellness of the other children in our care and our staff.
  • Do you close for inclement weather?
    In consideration of the needs of our working families, we take great efforts to remain open under almost all situations. We typically follow the decisions of KISD regarding school closure with some exceptions.

  • Are you licensed?
    Yes, we are licensed by the State of Texas.
  • Are you accredited?
    We are not
  • Will you administer medication?
    The staff at My Place are not authorized to administer non-authorized medication to the children. If a child requires medication such as antibiotics, provided the parent has signed a medical release form with instructions, the care givers will provide medication to the child (not to exceed the recommended dosage requirements). We always recommend when possible to request twice-a-day medication from the child’s physician that can be taken before and after school. At all times every school is staffed with persons trained in the administration of EPI pens and will do so if one has been provided by the parents of the child in the event of an emergency. Likewise, we will administer Benadryl as long as it is part of an emergency plan. Finally, we will administer inhalers and nebulizers with physician authorization.
  • What is your policy with regards to naps?
    Babies and young toddlers nap each day according to their own schedules. Older toddlers and preschoolers take naps during the early afternoon, generally around 12:30pm - 2:30pm. 

  • Do you go outside everyday?
    Yes, unless there is precipitation or it is bitter cold or weather that is unsafe. In these circumstances, we utilize the indoor playground.
  • Is there a parent/teacher conference opportunity?
    Yes, we hold once-a-year formal parent/teacher conferences. Parents are always welcome to request a conference at any time during the year if they feel it is warranted.
PreK and Bridge only the others are by request

  • Do you allow part-time schedules?
    Yes, depending upon availability, we offer half-day schedules that start from our opening time (varies between centers from 6:30-7:00 am) to 12:30 pm, and lunch is included. This schedule is available for three full days a week or five half days per week until 2:30pm. Half day schedule is 9 am to 2 pm 5 days per week 3 full days 2 full days for twos and up
  • What is your security procedure to prevent strangers from entering the center?
    Each of our locations employ advanced security features including individualized key-code entry for each family to enter our buildings. Both of these security features can be deactivated upon withdraw.

  • What kind of background checks do you do on your staff?
    We perform background checks on all of our new employees as well as random drug testing

  • What are the staff qualifications?
    All of our staff participate in continuing education and are certified in First Aid & CPR.
  • How many years have the staff been in the centers? Do you have much turnover?
    We believe that our turnover is significantly below the industry average. We attempt to provide our staff with the highest pay levels and benefits that can be found in the private sector. Almost all of our Lead Teachers have been with us for more than three years, and most have been with us for much, much longer than that!

  • Will you toilet train children?
    Yes! We generally begin toilet training children while they are in the 2B class (older toddlers). The teacher and the child’s parents will decide when the child is ready to be toilet trained. When the child shows an interest and is not afraid to sit on the toilet, we invite the child to use the toilet. When a child begins the process of toilet training we require that the child stays in his/her diaper and uses the bathroom during the scheduled diapering time. When the child starts to have success on the toilet, we will encourage parents to put their child in training pants at home. Once the child begins having success at home, we invite the child to wear training pants to school.

  • What is your vacation policy?
    We allow ½ discount off the weekly rate for 1 week within a calendar year. Please fill out our Vacation Form and provide as much notice as possible. Up to five weeks per year
  • What are my payment options?
    We offer auto payment and also accept personal checks, cash and card.
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