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Infant Program


Right experience at the right time

Research has shown babies capacity to learn! As soon as they are born, their brain starts developing!

The first year of life is the perfect time to start developing the cognitive abilities that will influence them for a lifetime.

MyPlace's infant program is structured by age and development to make sure all our babies are safe and activities are age-appropriate.

myplace early learning center-baby smiling

Comfort Care

Every family has a scheduled orientation with the Director and Teacher before their start date! This helps our parents understand the classroom routine and our teachers to get more information about the child. This way, families feel confident while leaving their babies under our care.


Our teachers give our infants the best care, love, and attention. They bond through activities and comforting moments. We communicate with our families through a secure app. That way, information, pictures, and videos are sent to parents on time, through the day.

Infant A 
Learning Milestone


Physical Milestone

  • Rolls and seat independently

  • Transfer objects from one hand to the other

Physical Milestone

  • Bangs objects together

  • Cruises or walks sideways along furniture

Physical Milestone

  • Releases objects from hands with control

  • Pivots in seating to reach for objects

Infant C
Learning Milestone


Physical Milestone

  • Pushes up on arms and lifts head

  • Brings both hands to mouth

Physical Milestone

  • Moves legs and arms off of surface

  • Grasps objects with no control

Physical Milestone

  • Begins to roll, sit with support and to rock on hands and knees

  • Hand and eye communication

Infant B 
Learning Milestone


Physical Milestone

  • Stand and / or walk without help

  • Climb furniture or stairs

Physical Milestone

  • Try to help while putting clothes on

  • Drink from a cup and use a spoon (with messes and spills)

Physical Milestone

  • Stack toys and hold them down

  • Waves and claps

Let's Stay In Touch!

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