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Pre-K Program


4 - 5 Years Old

In preparation for your child's formal learning education, our Pre-K Program introduces the basic classroom guidelines, responsibilities and topics that will help them prepare for the next journey of learning. Our Pre-K program is open to children ages 4 to 5 years.

MyPlace provides activities that will improve children's problem-solving skills, reading, writing, cognitive, creativity, physical wellness, and communication skills. Science, mathematics, and hands-on learning activities will also be introduced in this program.

Program Features

Project Based "STEAM"

Spanish Classes

Intro To Reading & Writing

Sign Language Classes

Phonemic Awareness

Focus on Social Emotional Learning


Social Emotional

  • Make-believe to be something else during play, e.g. (teacher, superhero, dog).

  • Asks to go play with children if none are around, e.g. Can I play with Alex?

  • Comforts others who are hurt or sad, like hugging a crying friend.

  • Avoids danger, like not jumping from tall heights at the playground.

  • Likes to be a “helper”.

  • Changes behavior according to location, e.g. place of worship, library, playground.

Language / Communication

  • Forms full sentences with four or more words.

  • Repeats words from a song, story, or nursery rhyme.

  • Talks about at least one thing that happened during her day, e.g. I played soccer.

  • Answers simple questions like “What is a coat for?” or “What is a crayon for?” 


Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving)

  • Learns and names a few colors.

  • Tells what comes next in a well-known story.

  • Draws a body naming three or more body parts.

Movement / Physical Development

  • Catches a large ball most of the time.

  • Serves food or pours water with limited adult supervision.

  • Unbuttons and buttons a few buttons.

  • Holds a crayon or a pencil between fingers and thumb (not with a fist).



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