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MyPlace Kinder Bridge program is uniquely designed for children who do not yet qualify to start Kindergarten and need another year of instruction and learning before starting elementary school. Students can take advantage of learning in a small group, with a more challenging curriculum designed to prepare them for Kindergarten. Our Kinder Bridge program allows students to have the right experience at the right time.

At MyPlace, we believe in partnering with our families in their child's early childhood education. It is important to us that we communicate your child's progress.


Math & Science

  • Students learn math concepts including subitizing, measurement, early addition, subtraction, patterning, and recognition of numbers from 1-100.

  • Hands-on science activities, including projects-based experiments, progressive coding, and investigating.

Reading & Writing

  • Encompasses literacy concepts (like emergent writing, figures of speech, alphabetizing). 

  • Engages in pre-reading and reading related activities.

  • Weekly journaling to encourage children's written communication ability.


Social Emotional Development

  • Aware of own space and respects personal boundaries.

  • Learn and practicing self-regulation skills and problem-solving strategies.

  • Understands how other cultures celebrate holidays and traditions.

Let's Stay In Touch!

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