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MyPlace Katy Preschool Rocket

36 - 48 Months

Catering for the needs of children ages three years old, our Preschool Program aims to promote your child's interests for learning. During this stage, children can have a chance to develop their social and communication skills through activities and friendships.

MyPlace uses unique childhood curriculum that provides vast opportunities for learning. It includes hands-on learning activities to help children learn on their own as well as develop their physical functions and independence.

Program Features

Project Based "STEAM"

Spanish Classes

Intro To Reading & Writing

Sign Language Classes

Phonemic Awareness

Focus on Social Emotional Learning


MyPlace Katy Preschool birdie holding heart

Social / Emotional

  • Calms down within 10 minutes after child separates from parent, e.g. like at a childcare drop off.

  • Notices other children and joins them to play

Language / Communication

  • Communicates in a proper conversation using at least two back-and-forth exchanges. 

  • Asks “who,” “what,” “where,” or “why” questions, e.g.  Where is mommy/daddy?

  • Verbalizes what action is happening in a picture or book when asked, e.g. running, eating, playing.

  • Says own name when asked.

  • Enunciates well enough for others to understand most of the time.

MyPlace Katy Preschool carlos the caterpillar reading a book
MyPlace Katy Preschool Problem Solving Skills

Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving)

  • Draws a circle when shown how.

  • Avoids touching hot objects, like a stove, when you warn him/her.

Movement / Physical Development

  • Strings items together, e.g. large beads or macaroni.

  • Puts on some clothes like loose pants or a jacket.

  • Uses a fork to eat.

MyPlace Katy Preschool  Sporty Birdy


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