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20 Math Activities for Kids

At My Place, teaching math concepts is a core principle of our education. Math concepts surround children every day, and children are naturally drawn to them. They’ll learn skills for kindergarten readiness and elementary prep, including: intentionality, problem-solving, critical thinking, reasoning, collaboration, and cause and effect.

Pattern recognition, pattern creation, shapes, and sizes are all concepts that form the building blocks of math. Here are 20 fun math activities you can do with your child to help them build on these concepts.

  1. Sing songs that involve numbers

  2. Ask your child for help with measuring ingredients while cooking

  3. While playing, ask your child to arrange their stuffed animals by size

  4. Measure soil for seeds while gardening

  5. Create play money for your child in simple denominations and use them while playing

  6. Offer different sizes of measuring cups in a sensory bin for your child to experiment with

  7. Have a simple shape-focused scavenger hunt

  8. Arrange colored blocks by shape

  9. Arrange colored blocks in repeatable patterns

  10. Sing clapping songs such as Patty Cake

  11. Ask your child to help you sort differently-sized plates and cups while putting away the dishes

  12. Draw different numbers and shapes and ask your child to color them in

  13. Have your child draw their own numbers and shapes

  14. Play Math Hopscotch, indoors or outdoors

  15. Sort differently-colored cars with the help of sidewalk chalk

  16. Create a count and sort box game

  17. Complete a Color By Number picture

  18. Play a numbers matching game or addition game at home

  19. Sort beads on labeled pipe cleaners

  20. Measure the height of a tree using a pencil and measuring tape

Opportunities for your child to learn math skills are all around them. These 20 math activities will help your child have fun while learning, and help with elementary prep and kindergarten readiness.

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