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Activities Your Child Can Do at My Place Summer Camp

My Place Summer Camp is a fun, supportive, and secure place for your child to learn new things. Every week is a new and exciting theme and new activities. Our summer camp curriculum includes engaging projects that promote continuous learning, increase self-esteem, and create life-long memories.

Here are some of the activities your child can do at our summer camp.

  1. My Place Summer Camp offers free Spanish language classes to help your child develop their Spanish skills in an immersive and fun way.

  2. Sign language. Childhood is a great time to learn sign language. Our summer programs help children of all ages learn sign language fundamentals.

  3. We make progressive coding a core part of our curriculum all year long, with age-appropriate activities. Progressive coding introduces fundamental coding concepts and then builds on those skills with increasingly complex activities.

  4. Science projects. Our fun STEAM-focused activities include science projects such as soap experiments, making playdough, creating erupting volcanoes, and more.

  5. Hands-on activities. Our campers enjoy hands-on activities that require critical thinking skills and collaborating with their peers. Whether it’s cooking, puzzles, creating homemade bubbles, or foil sculptures, every child gets to learn through doing. We believe in teaching the history of famous artists and techniques.

  6. Outdoor exploration. Summer camp is an ideal opportunity for children to learn while getting some fresh air. Your child will enjoy the great outdoors while learning more about nature.

  7. Children of all ages can learn cooking skills. My Place Summer Camp provides an ideal opportunity for your child to learn about food in an age-appropriate way. Some examples of food our campers create include superhero fruit salad and homemade pizzas.

  8. Arts activities. Your child can indulge their creative side and follow their own curiosity at summer camp. Our week of creative art is focused solely on artistic pursuits, but we ensure kids get a chance to create as often as possible each week.

  9. Music and movement. Whether it’s splash days, yoga, dinosaur movements, freeze dancing, or musical instruments, our summer camp will get your child moving and having fun.

  10. Field trips and visitors. Weekly field trips and visitors keep our summer camp program exciting and interactive! Every week we meet someone new and may travel once COVID-19 protocols permit.

There are many enriching experiences and activities available to your child this summer. At My Place Summer Camp, your child will enjoy these activities in a fun, non-competitive, and safe environment.

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