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Holiday Family Activities

Updated: Jan 11

Energy, enjoyment, and positivity are a cornerstone of My Place’s education. We believe these factors can make a big difference in a child’s life and learning. With the holidays approaching, we wanted to share some fun holiday activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Go for a walk

If the conditions are safe to do so, a winter walk can be fun and educational. The whole family can marvel at the holiday lights and decorations, or notice any changes the season has brought to the neighborhood. Encourage your child to photograph, draw, or discuss what they see.

Make holiday crafts

Holiday crafts are a great way for your child to express themselves and develop fine motor skills. It’s also fun for the whole family. There are many holiday-themed crafts you and your child can make together. For example, paper snowflakes are popular at this time of year, and there are many variations your child can have fun creating.

Try a holiday-themed sensory bin

Children learn through hands-on experiences, and a sensory bin can be a fun way for your child to understand concepts like textures, weights, and the interactions of different materials. Many sensory bins can be made at home using a large plastic tub and some things you might have around the house already. Encourage your child to get creative, and join them in the sensory fun. This sensory play with gingerbread scented rice idea combines rice with a classic holiday scent.

Start a new holiday tradition

We all have holiday traditions we grew up with, but why not start a new one? This can be an ideal way to bond as a family and create treasured memories together. Get the entire family involved in brainstorming a brand-new holiday tradition, and focus on what your whole family enjoys to truly make it your own. For example, if your family loves doing jigsaw puzzles, you can make it a yearly holiday tradition. You could set aside a whole afternoon to go out to your local stores to find a puzzle, stop for a sweet treat on the way home, and assemble the puzzle together.

These are just four ideas for family-friendly holiday activities everyone can enjoy. You can bring the nurturing environment of My Place home for the holidays by showing your child that fun learning experiences can be found in everyday life.

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