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Nutrition, Exercise, and Safety in Preschool

At My Place Early Learning Center, wellness is one of our core principles. To us, wellness in preschool encompasses physical wellness, nutrition, and safety. Good eating habits and physical activity gives children energy for all their fun educational experiences in and outside of the classroom.

The importance of physical wellness in preschool

Children learn through play, but physical activity is also an important way to promote overall health. Preschoolers who get exercise and physical activity enjoy health benefits like stronger bones and muscles; increased cardiovascular health; increased endurance; better sleep; stronger gross and fine motor skills; lower stress and anxiety; and reduced risk of certain health conditions.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, preschoolers should get at least 3 hours of physical activity each day. This can include activities like climbing, swimming, bike riding, playing catch, sports, and having fun at the playground.

At My Place, we also educate our preschoolers on why physical activity is important.

The importance of nutrition in preschool

At My Place, we believe that nutrition is not only serving quality foods, but also educating on which foods have nutritional value and which do not. Preschoolers grow quickly, and nutritious food gives them the vitamins and minerals they need to support healthy growth and development.

To ensure that your child’s preschool is meeting your child’s nutrition needs, you can ask to see a weekly sample menu of food they serve. A good preschool will be happy to accommodate any allergies and dietary restrictions your child has. In addition, ensure that your child’s preschool makes mealtimes pleasant and social, and teaches children about all the ways a healthy diet can help them grow.

The importance of safety and security in preschool

Safety and security in preschool means not only keeping facilities secure, but also teaching skills to be safe outside of the classroom. By not having safety skills, children are more at risk of encountering situations that could have negative effects. My Place teaches all children safety procedures on topics which range from talking with strangers and who we can trust, to how to report any uncomfortable situation. We also promote memorizing our parents’ full names, addresses and other contact information can be helpful in an emergency situation.

At My Place, we don’t want our preschoolers to just understand the importance of wellness, we want them to enthusiastically embrace it! Understanding how the health of our bodies influences the overall quality of our experiences is a lesson we believe should be taught early on, in order to become lifelong habits. This will provide the proper framework for a healthy life beyond the classroom.

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