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The Benefits of STEAM Education for Kids

At My Place, STEAM education is a core component of our early childhood education.


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Mathematics. Learning STEAM skills has numerous benefits for kids, including:


  • Preparation for a future career. According to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEAM-related careers will grow at a higher rate than non-STEAM careers.

  • Creativity and problem-solving. STEAM helps children learn how to think critically and solve problems. These are key skills that will help kids succeed in many areas of life, even outside of education.

  • Collaboration and cooperation. Whether it’s working on a block sculpture or progressive coding projects, STEAM-related projects often involve a social component. Children learn how to work together and respect each other.

  • Connecting learning with enjoyment. A good early childhood STEAM project engages a child’s natural love of hands-on learning and curiosity. STEAM projects are fun, which helps a child make a positive association with learning.

  • Greater confidence. By problem solving and experimentation, children gain confidence in their own creativity and ideas. This creates a strong foundation of self-assurance that will be valuable throughout a child’s life.


At My Place, our STEAM-based curriculum explores all concepts through picture and nonfiction books, hands-on activities, and project-based learning. We help our children become better problem solvers, innovators, and logical thinkers. Our teachers keep students engaged and excited through educational games, creative art, and age-appropriate engineering projects.


Some examples of STEAM activities at My Place include progressive coding, patterning, storytime with Tonies, art projects, and sensory activities.


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