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Time-Saving and Healthy Family Dinners

At My Place, wellness is one of our four main principles. No well-rounded experience can be had without our bodies first being well. It enables us for all the great educational experiences in and outside of the classroom.

One of the reason our families choose us is because we share their own commitment to nutritious food for their children. We know that families are under pressure to juggle many demands on their time, and wanted to share these quick dinners that are quick to make and are also a nutritious meal for your family.

Breakfast for Dinner

Eating breakfast for dinner can be a fun break from routine for your child, and it often takes very little time to prepare. Some delicious examples are scrambled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes with toast on the side, or sweet potato pancakes.

You can even make breakfast for dinner ahead of time. For example, you can make a batch of mini quiche on a Sunday and freeze them for quick dinners during the week.

Chicken Vegetable Ramen

Many of us have instant ramen in our cupboards already, and we know it’s a very quick option. With just a little more time and some extra ingredients, you can make ramen into a complete meal the whole family will love. Try this recipe for Chicken Vegetable Ramen, which takes a base of instant ramen noodles and adds on chicken and lots of veggies.

Mexican Stuffed Peppers

Giving your child a sense of ownership over their meal can help them learn useful kitchen skills. These Mexican Stuffed Peppers can be prepared ahead of time, and take just 30 minutes to make. They’re also highly customizable, so your child can choose their own fillings and experiment with different delicious flavors.

Mini Meatloaves

Meatloaf is a dinnertime classic, and this Mini Meatloaves recipe gets it on your table in just 35 minutes. Serve it alongside steamed veggies, a side salad, or mashed potatoes to make it a complete meal. You could even roast some carrots while the meatloaf is cooking.

Understanding how the health of our bodies influences the overall quality of our experiences is a lesson we believe should be taught early on before poor habits are formed and perpetuated. These time-saving and nutritious family dinners are a great way to help your child form healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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