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Why You Should Get Involved With Your Child’s Preschool

Getting involved with your child’s preschool has numerous benefits. At My Place, our guiding principles help us provide a transformative educational experience, passionate teachers, and a secure environment where children can grow. We’re proud to be part of our local communities in Woodcreek Reserve and Cinco Ranch, and encourage families to get involved.

Why should you get involved with your child’s preschool?

Studies show that parental involvement in preschool life helps their child academically and socially. Creating nurturing and stable relationships in a child’s early years builds a solid foundation for a lifetime.

By collaborating with your child’s preschool teachers, you’ll help form a strong support network in which your child can learn about their world more confidently.

Ways to get involved with your child’s preschool

At My Place, we believe that we’re an extension of your family. Parents are always encouraged to drop by to visit their child and say hi to us as well. We make sure to keep you updated regularly, and even host social events for parents.

Here are some other examples of how parents can get involved in their child’s preschool community:

  1. Parent committees

  2. Regular newsletters

  3. Assemblies

  4. Celebrations

  5. Field trips

  6. Community initiatives on behalf of the preschool

  7. Focus or discussion groups between parents and the preschool

  8. New parent information nights

At My Place, we place communication and family engagement high on our list of values. We’re proud to be part of the community and your family, and love collaborating with parents to help children thrive.

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