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Attention . Bonding . Communication .

Our low teacher-to-student ratio means your infant gets outstanding attention and care. Each day, we turn to age-appropriate books to support listening, vocabulary, and a love of reading. At My Place, compassionate and highly-trained teachers give your child a day full of activities and learning stimulation.

At My Place, we provide a safe and nurturing environment essential for the overall development of your child. Each infant classroom at My Place is designed for movement, reading stories, exploring, music, sleeping and hands-on play - all essential for your child’s learning advancement.

Social Emotional Learning, or SEL, is one of our core principles. Because Infants perceive and express emotions before they fully understand them, it’s never too early to develop a child’s social emotional wellness. Our responsive caregivers support infants in these early stages. Experiences with caregivers help infants learn about social relationships and emotions through exploration and safe, predictable interactions.




The Infant programs at My Place Early Learning Center are carefully designed to maximize your child’s cognitive, physical and emotional development. We determine which class your child will be in or when they move to the next class by the child’s individual needs and abilities, not strictly by age.

Language Development

American Sign Language techniques to help non-verbal children maximize their initial communication skills

Physical Development

Fun and engaging activities that strengthen gross and fine motor skills

Cognitive Development

Weekly lesson plans cover all of the new, stimulating activities each child will practice

Infant A: 6 weeks - 6 months

  • We respond quickly to a child’s cries. Children at this age need to know they can trust us.
  • We talk with infants and respond to their sounds. We know when to be quiet, and we let the children experience and enjoy making sounds.
  • We place toys near and above the infant, encouraging them to roll over for a better view.
  • We play instruments in the classroom, always talking to the babies and telling then about the instruments. If it’s safe, we let the child hold the instrument and make their own music.

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Infant B: 6 - 12 months

  • We play social games such as Pat a Cake and Peek a Boo. These games help develop a baby’s social skills, language, and understanding of gestures.
  • We hold the child’s hands and support them as they take steps, cheering for the baby as they walk.
  • We stay with a daily routine. The babies will expect and ask for their bottle, nap, etc. with “their” language.
  • We provide safe furniture. We encourage infants to crawl around the room, then cruise, and eventually walk by placing items around the room they will want to play with.

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Infant C: 12 - 18 months

  • We talk and read with children. Together we write books about things and people they know. We discuss the theme, calendar activities, letters, numbers and pictures with people or animals.
  • We encourage repetitive or routine back-and-forth interactions with peers, and cooperative activities such as building blocks together or pretend play.
  • If a child is playing and the toy is not doing what they want, e.g., a block is not standing up on its side, we let the child try to figure out a way to make the block stand up.
  • We have age-appropriate gross motor equipment in our room so the children can safely practice their climbing skills.

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Infant C Program Page

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