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My Place Principles


Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Communication & Relationships

Working together for lifelong success

At My Place, we know that being able to make friends, work in groups, and grow socially is a critical part of the student experience. When students feel confident and secure, they can perform at much higher levels. Most of all, social and emotional development can help students connect to a lifelong love of learning.


What is Social Emotional Learning?

Also known as SEL, Social Emotional Learning refers to the process of understanding and managing emotions, relating to others, building positive relationships, developing social awareness, achieving goals, and making responsible decisions.

While the traditional measure of educational success has focused on academics, studies have shown that SEL has a vital role to play in the school environment. Stress management and emotion regulation can help a child focus and learn in a classroom environment, and have a positive attitude in school. Further benefits of SEL in the classroom include greater academic achievement and positive social behavior, with a reduction of behavioral issues.

The benefits of Social Emotional Learning in early childhood are long-lasting. Research has found that SEL education in the formative years leads to a greater chance of a student getting a college degree and gaining employment.

    Social Emotional Learning at My Place

    At My Place, we build SEL into our everyday curriculum. Here are some ways we encourage healthy social and emotional development in our children:

    • Group Activities
      Play time in groups that require social interaction and problem-solving
    • Partner Learning
      Cooperating with a partner on a project
    • Recess
      Opportunities for social and emotional skills development through play
    • Direct Training
      Reviewing concepts of respect, emergency protocols, etc.

    Our teachers benchmark and monitor our students’ interaction and report on a regular basis. Our lesson plans are designed to address safety, privacy, and respect for one another while teaching effective methods of communication.

    We know that the key to success with SEL is a fun, nurturing environment. At My Place, we guide each child at their own pace, with engaging and age-appropriate activities to help them build confidence and have fun together.

    The Importance of Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood

    The value of social and emotional development can’t be overstated. Our ability to communicate and create relationships directly impacts our overall quality of life from early childhood onwards. Healthy social and emotional development leads to success in school, work, and personal relationships.

    SEL in early childhood also helps children understand social risks, the dangers of peer pressure, and the difference between “tattle-telling” and reporting. By teaching these skills early, you can be more confident that your child will grow up knowing proper safety procedures with strangers, having confidence to report improprieties, and understand how to reach out to an emergency contact.

    Should a child not receive the important social skills we teach at an early age, the risk is increased difficulty to acquire these social abilities at a later age as well. So not only are there short-term effects, but the student is impacted for years to come.

    SEL at My Place

    At My Place, we demonstrate how to interact with others in a respectful way, discuss safety and privacy, and encourage organic engagement between students. We’re proud of our safe, supportive, and empowering learning community. By being intentional with our lesson plans for social growth, My Place gives students the tools they need to be safe and create healthy relationships at school and beyond!


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