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Winter Crafts for Children

The slower days of winter are an ideal time to help your child have fun with hands-on activities and build their STEAM skills. Try these winter crafts for children this year.


Winter bird feeder


When we think about making bird feeders, we often think about spring and summer. However, winter is also a great time to help your child learn about the birds that don’t migrate south this time of year. Try this winter pinecone bird feeder from the National Audubon Society. You can also use a toilet paper roll for this winter bird feeder craft.


Twig raft


Creating a twig raft is a fun arts and crafts project involving natural materials, and it teaches engineering concepts as well. In addition to the twigs, this craft uses items you most likely have at home anyway, and can be customized in an age-appropriate way. Find out how to make a twig raft here.


Salt crystal paper snowflakes


Making paper snowflakes is a winter classic, even if there is no snow outside. This craft adds a science component with the addition of salt water. Together, you and your child can observe the crystallization of the salt and discuss how it happens. Get the instructions for salt crystal paper snowflakes here.


Snowball catapult


This hands-on craft activity helps your child understand engineering and math concepts, as well as encourages them to get creative. You and your child can create a snowball catapult using craft sticks, glue, rubber bands, a plastic spoon, a plastic bottle cap and some cotton balls to use as “snowballs.” You can also experiment with launching items of different weights.


Rock sculpture


Small rocks are perfect for making interesting constructions and shapes. Your child can get creative while developing their math, art, and engineering skills. Enjoy a winter walk together and keep an eye out for interestingly-shaped walks that your child can either bring home or build with outdoors. With a myriad of colors, shapes, and textures, the possibilities are limitless.


These five crafts are ideal for the cooler winter months, and will help your child understand science, technology, engineering, art, and math concepts while having fun.

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