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3 Outdoor Engineering Projects For Kids

With the warmer spring weather upon us, it’s an ideal time for your child to enjoy outdoor engineering projects. Using a few simple craft items as well as plenty of materials found in the great outdoors, these three engineering projects are fun and promote STEAM education for children.

Rock or Shell Sculpture

Spring is a great time to take a family walk along the beach or in in the park, and small natural materials such as shells and rocks are perfect for creating sculptures and interesting formations. You and your child can construct a freeform sculpture, and with a myriad of colors, shapes, and textures, the possibilities are limitless.

Twig Raft

A raft made of twigs is a fun engineering project that your preschooler or school-age child can make with you. Your child can hunt for twigs on their own, but they may need your help to cut or snap the twigs to a consistent length. Then, they can use twine or masking tape to bind the twigs together flat. And, while you’re outdoors, they can try floating the twig raft. If the raft doesn’t quite work the way they imagined, try and figure out together how they can try it again.

Outdoor Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is an ideal way to involve several gross motor skills at once, and creating the course is an excellent way for a child to engage with engineering concepts. Work with your child and look for safe things outdoors to use for climbing, crawling, balancing, and jumping. Here is one example using pool noodles and a beach ball.

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