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Music and Movement in Early Childhood

A good early childhood education goes deeper than the daily classroom curriculum. Enhancement programs give kids fun new ways to develop their inherent talents and reach their full potential.


My Place’s dance enhancement program allows our students to be creative and expressive through music and movement. Why do we think it’s so important? Here are a few reasons why we believe in music and movement in early childhood.


  • Kids are naturally drawn to music and movement. As a parent you’ve likely noticed this already. You know that your young child doesn’t need much encouragement to sing along to a fun song or dance around. Because kids learn through doing, music is a natural and enjoyable way to help them understand the world around them.

  • Music and dance can be social. At My Place, our Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kinder Bridge students even get to perform a winter and spring recital. Events like this help kids learn social skills, collaboration, and cooperation. They work as a group for a common goal while having lots of fun.

  • Dance helps children become more aware of their bodies and improve motor skills. They can develop things like balance, coordination, rhythm, posture, and how bodies move.

  • Singing helps kids build their vocabulary. We can all think of childhood songs where we learned words for certain movements, parts of the body, animals, shapes, and so on. The repetition and enjoyability of these songs helps kids to learn and understand these words.

  • Music and movement develop creativity. Whether it’s creating a song or dance or simply joining in, a child’s imagination is doing what it does best. It’s a great way to encourage your child to be creative and pursue the things that interest them most.

  • Music and movement helps kids express their emotions and build empathy. We all know the way a good song can help us process thoughts and feelings, and children are no different. While kids are building their vocabulary, music and dance can give them an accessible way to work through their emotions.


Learn more about our enhancement program, including music and movement, sign language, progressive coding, and Spanish lessons.

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