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Building a School Community

At My Place, we value the local community we’re a part of. For example, we recently partnered with a local Chick-Fil-A in a fun Cow Appreciation Day, where our students got a free kids meal while wearing a cow headband made as a family activity.

We also place communication and family engagement high on our list of values. Here are some examples of family engagement and communication you can look for in a good childcare center.

  1. An open visit policy for parents to drop in and say hi

  2. Parent committees

  3. Parent socialization events

  4. School field trips

  5. Focus or discussion groups between parents and the school

  6. New parent information nights

  7. Regular newsletters from the daycare

  8. School events, assemblies, and celebrations

  9. Events in the community on behalf of the school

Strong, two-way communication is an important part of the school-parent relationship. You already receive regular updates from your child’s school, but it’s important to keep your child’s teacher updated as well. For example, if your child has been more interested in STEAM activities than usual, or is developing a new behavior, their teacher will benefit from knowing this information. Together, you and your child’s teacher can create a nurturing environment for your child’s development.

By remaining engaged with your child’s school, and by a school’s community involvement, your child will feel included in their community.

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